Fatal Gas Station Gunfight Caught In Dramatic Footage

One man dies after combatants exchange flurry of shots.

Just-released security footage of a gas station shootout in Elmwood Park, Illinois, looks like it could be a TV gunfight. But the consequences were very real.

Ronald Morales, 43, can be seen with his gun drawn, approaching a man in a car at a BP gas station, the Pioneer Press noted on Thursday. Morales, in the reddish-orange jacket, opens the car door and the driver pops out of the vehicle with his own firearm at the ready.

The two exchange gunfire before Morales attempts to run off. Morales later died of his injuries. Police determined that the unidentified man in the car acted in self-defense, WGN reports.

Police released a surveillance clip of the April 8 incident after the Pioneer Press submitted a Freedom of Information Act request.

CBS in Chicago said the police had marked at least 14 shell casings in the gas station parking lot.

The two had engaged in an argument before the gunfight, police told ABC’s Chicago affiliate.

According to the Pioneer Press, police said Morales and the other man made eye contact as the other man pumped gas. Morales then went to his car to retrieve his gun. Sensing danger as an armed Morales approached, the other man, now in his vehicle, drew his own weapon.



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