Georgia Drivers Upset After Filling Their Tanks With Wrong Liquid At Gas Station

The gas station's owner said it would "make things right" after an error impacted drivers in LaFayette, Georgia.

An error at a Georgia gas station caused a number of problems for drivers who filled up their tanks at the location.

A Murphy USA gas station said diesel fuel mistakenly placed in the wrong tank caused a number of drivers to “unknowingly” fill up with the wrong fuel, WTVC reported.

“I got out on the interstate or on the highway and it was sluggish ... just not acting right you know kind of bogging down,” driver Marty Walker said about their car.

The diesel fuel in a gas-powered car’s tank is a “more common mistake than one might think,” J.D. Power and Associates wrote.

A gas-powered car’s engine can still run if diesel is placed in the tank. However, this is because it is “still running on” the remaining gas, the website said.

The company, in a statement to WTVC, said it intends to “make things right” for customers affected by the error.

Drivers, including Jessica Bradshaw Gregory, described long wait times for a mechanic due to the gas station’s error.

WTVC reported seeing workers replacing the gas station’s tank on Friday.

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