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My inner rebel is crying out for FREEDOM!

Why? Because I have made the choice to quit caffeine.

Recently, I was complaining to a friend about not being "allowed" to have coffee. He stopped me in my tracks with: "Drinking coffee takes away your freedom, choosing not to sets you free."

My cranky response was simple: "WHAT??? I love drinking coffee, what the hell are you talking about??"

The understanding that "boundaries create the freedom" is a mind bender for most, yet it is one of the simplest laws of nature. The ocean has tides, the wind has air streams, and rivers have banks. These forces of nature become stronger when directed by a boundary and so do we.

Honestly, I feel the struggle of wanting what I want; in fact, the rebellious desire to just have what I want makes me question the value of having freedom from caffeine.

The more I think about it, the more aware I'm becoming of how much my rebellious nature threatens to limit me.

The point is, freedom is not always what we think it is.

Freedom is not the ability to fulfill any desire at any time. In fact, saying yes to every desire can sabotage true freedom. It all depends on what your ultimate goal is.

Simply put, the NO informs the YES in our lives.

Every "No" creates a boundary that becomes the channel for what you want to flow freely.

Not knowing what you want to create is the biggest threat to freedom. Life is full of possibilities and temptations and desire loves to touch them all. When priorities are unclear the inner rebel has the reigns and can create drama in the name of freedom.

So how can you be FREE?

The first step towards freedom is to know yourself. Sitting in stillness for regular meditation will guide you there. Create space to know your inner rebel, and get clear about what you really want to create.

Then put it into practice. Next time you find yourself frustrated and crying for freedom; take a moment to breathe deep, re-center and align with what you want to create. You may be relieved to find the boundary is in service to your ultimate freedom.

In the end, stillness is the gateway to your freedom.

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