Gator Shows Up At Florida Walmart, Forces Staff To Lock Doors (VIDEO)

We've seen alligators in hot tubs, Long Island parking lots, and childrens' birthday parties, but who knew they liked low prices?

A 6-foot specimen caused quite a stir Sunday when he sidled up to the front doors of a Walmart in central Florida.

According to WKMG, the gator caused the automatic entrance doors to open and close repeatedly as he paused in front of a store in Apopka -- perhaps basking in all the extra attention from customers and cops who gathered to gawk.

“It was a nice sized gator, just chillin’,” customer Robin Watkins told WKMG from inside her car.

Staff were able to lock the doors, the station reports. But before fish and wildlife trappers could join police at the scene, the gator wandered off to a lake behind the store, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Check out the bizarre video above.



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