Alligator Gets Caught Behind The Wheel Of An SUV

Christy Kroboth says she returned to find the gator "trying to drive” her car.

An alligator tried and failed to make a snappy getaway when he became locked inside an SUV.

The 7-foot beast got nowhere when he attempted to smash the windshield. Instead, he ended up wedged between the dashboard and the steering wheel -- and had to be freed. Video footage of Sunday's bizarre incident in Texas is going viral after a conservation group posted it to Facebook.

State licensed alligator trapper Christy Kroboth told The Huffington Post on Tuesday she found the gator was blind in one eye when she arrived to rescue him from a road in Fulshear, Fort Bend County. He had been shot with a BB gun.

The "Gator Squad" conservation group member placed the aquatic reptile, who she nicknamed Buster, into the back of her SUV. She returned to her Rosenberg home so she could get cleaned up and change clothes.

"He was only left in the car for a few hours," Kroboth told HuffPost via email. "With the window cracked, it's really no different than leaving him in the back of a truck with a cover over it."

But when she returned to the vehicle, she was stunned to find the hapless animal had climbed over the seats and gotten himself stuck between the wheel and the windshield, which he'd also cracked.

Her mom filmed Kroboth as she gently coaxed Buster from the vehicle.

"I had to carefully ease him out, talking him though the whole process so that he wouldn't stress and hurt himself, myself, or the car anymore," she said.

The video shows him momentarily thrashing around, causing Kroboth's surprised mom to jump back. But Buster eventually dislodges himself and leaves the vehicle.

"He's blind in his right eye, he can see in his left eye, and he has bullet wounds to his back. See those holes right there?" Kroboth says in the clip. "Even though he beat up my car, we're still going to try to be sweet to him. It's not his fault he saw the light from the windshield and just tried to get out."

Kroboth said she later put Buster into another vehicle and took him to an alligator farm in nearby El Campo.

A second video posted to Facebook shows him with his jaws untaped, taking in his new surroundings. "There he'll live out the rest of his life in peace away from people and with other alligator buddies," said Kroboth.