What Your Favorite Gatorade Flavor Says About You


Whether you're an athlete, a victim of food poisoning or otherwise, most people have tried Gatorade. If you've tried enough flavors, chances are you have a favorite.

Talk of which flavor tastes the best guarantees a heated debate, but regardless of which one you prefer, certain truths exist about the people who love each specific flavor (or "color," as we often refer to it). Warning: Fruit Punch fans, you're about to be told you're basic.

Check out this handy (and obviously completely subjective) guide to see what your flavor of choice says about you.

Glacier Freeze:


You're intelligent and have a refined palate. You know a good thing when you see it and you don't hesitate to let everyone know when you've found it.

Fruit Punch:


You're popular, but pretty basic. You were one of the first to buy Taylor Swift's new album and you stand by the notion that if you didn't take a photo of your brunch, it doesn't count.



You're loyal and trustworthy, a safe bet. People can count on you, even if they don't necessarily think of you right off the bat.



You're easy to please, but probably struggle with being the second-most popular person in your group of friends.

Fierce Grape:


You're... not so easy to please, but have good intentions. You love a challenge (ie: finding purple gatorade) and a little healthy competition, too.

Any flavor of G2:


You're wrong.

Lime Cucumber:

Hydration Depot

You're resourceful and will stop at nothing to get what you want. You have to be, seeing as this elusive flavor is virtually impossible to find. You also most likely wear makeup to the gym.

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