Gavin Newman: Underwater Photographer Discovers Unexpected Colorful Paradise Deep Beneath Arctic Ice (VIDEO)

In this clip from CNN, underwater photographer Gavin Newman heads out to sea with Greenpeace aboard their vessel, Esperanza.

Known for his cave and cave diving photography, on this adventure Newman takes to the Arctic, exploring the mysterious sea bed--now accessible below melting ice--with robotic underwater cameras that he has built. Newman discusses the wonder and excitement of exploring this new frontier, "Nobody has any idea what's below us."

Expecting sights little more exciting than sand and mud, everyone was shocked to find a stunningly colorful ecosystem of living creatures on the Arctic seabed. Newman describes it as "one of the most colorful places I've dived," going on to say, "It really is very unexpected."

Newman also talks about the horrors of bottom trawling, a destructive fishing method now making its way to this untouched location due to the melting ice. "It's like somebody's just plowed a field," Newman says, describing the areas where rich coral systems and seabed life are ripped entirely off the ocean floor.

WATCH a colorful paradise beneath the Arctic ice: