Gavin Newsom On The Colbert Report: California Lt. Governor Discusses Book, Gets Grilled (VIDEO)

The Colbert Report

California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom sat down with Stephen Colbert on Thursday night, and the famed political satirist certainly didn't cut him any slack.

Newsom was appearing on The Colbert Report to discuss his new book "Citizenville: How to Take the Town Square Digital and Reinvent Government."

"What do you mean by 'take the town square digital?'" asked Colbert.

"Right now we have a broadcast model of governing that you vote and I decide," explained Newsom. "You've seen the contours of this change with the media, you've seen it certainly with the music industry. Big is getting small and small is getting big. Technology has the ability to level the playing field."

"What the f*ck does any of that mean?" interrupted Colbert to roaring laughter and applause. "The big is getting small and the small is getting big? What are you talking about? Is there a glossary? Is there a bullsh*t translator?"

Newsom took the interruption in stride, laughing.

"The point is this: it's about the nature of the world we're living in," he said. "You can't educate our children like we were educated. This whole idea that we can govern as we've governed is no longer relevant to the world we're living in."

Colbert then turned his guns on Newsom's home state.

"Let's talk about the great state of California," said Colbert. "California used to be the golden land of opportunity. Now it is a growing dust bowl of debt where education isn't free anymore and people are fleeing. What happened to California?"

"We just submitted a balanced budget for the first time in ten years," replied Newsom. "California's finally turning the corner, so don't give up on a state with more scientists, more engineers, more researchers, more nobel laureates, more venture capital and more patents emanating from it than other state in our nation. It is a remarkable place […] and I do not subscribe to this notion that the best days of California are behind it."

Colbert grew quiet before turning back to the Lieutenant Governor.

"Can I say something?" he asked. "You're a very handsome man."



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