Gawker Has Lost Its Mind And It's Glorious

We can now measure the direct effects of Hulkamania running wild on a website.
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Gawker the website known for the tagline "today's gossip is tomorrow's news" is set to be sold in an auction next week. The website is in the final stages of a defamation lawsuit, which is nothing new, however, thanks to a record breaking settlement from a real American fighting for what's right, fighting for his life, Gawker is now bankrupt.

That's right, Hulk Hogan unleashed full Hulkamania legal action after the website published his sex tape. The ruling proved to be the proverbial leg drop on the website's crippled infrastructure. Instead of reacting to this poise and grace (why should they), the Gawker writing staff have gone another route, and it's glorious.

The writing staff have opened the floodgates and have been writing the most cutting edge journalism out there. They've titled this approach Senior Week saying, "We're celebrating 14 years of hard-hitting independent journalism and also dog with a week of fond reminiscing, a few stories we've always wanted to do, and some fun surprises."

The results have ranged from insane with Where Will It Happen in New York City?, to inspired with, It Has Been 17 Months and Counting Since Donald Trump Last Took Off His Jacket, According to My Research. The former reads as vague nonsense that carries a real strange sense of humor. While the latter is actually a very interesting case study into a not-so-serious issue that could potentially teach you a lot about the fractured psyche of human sloppy joe, Donald J. Trump.


Whatever continues to happen at Gawker over the course of the week will prove profoundly interesting but in the meantime, here are some of our favorite articles. Better start reading if you want to stay woke:

Papa John's Pizza Is The Best Pizza In Chicago - a man emailed in with the request of pushing Papa John's pizza as the best in Chicago, Gawker obliged.

Gawker Media's Biggest Mistakes - a definitive timeline of a staff writer pitching terrible ideas to her editors.

Please Stop Asking For Shrek Nudes - this one's pretty self explanatory. Stop asking.

COUNTERPOINT: Bubbles Are Fun - a celebration and examination of bubbles in soda.

LEAKED: The Lost Gawker Night Blogs - an in depth look into Gawker's more offbeat after hours posts.

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