Gawker Editor John Cook Details What He Saw On Rob Ford Tape (VIDEO)

Gawker editor John Cook joined HuffPost Live on Monday to discuss what he says he saw on an allegedly incriminating video tape of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

Last week, Cook published a story on Gawker saying that he watched a video of an individual he identified as Ford smoking what appeared to be crack cocaine. Cook traveled to Toronto to meet up with a tipster and the owner of the video, who refused to sell the tape for less than six-figures. Two reporters from the Toronto Star also wrote that they saw the video, the description of which corroborated Cook's claim.

"After a little bit of run around where I wasn't quite sure this would happen, I was eventually able to meet the owner of the video and watch it," Cook told HuffPost Live's Ricky Camilleri. "The video -- it's on an iPhone -- very clearly shows Rob Ford, he's the only one in the frame. He's sitting down in a room in a residential building, either a house or an apartment, and throughout most of the video there's a voice off-camera going off on a political rant trying to goad him ... to make him laugh ... He's got in one hand a crack pipe ... and in the other hand he has a lighter ... and at some point toward the end of the video he leans forward, lights the pipe and inhales."

Cook said that Ford did not appear to know that a video was being taken of him. The Gawker editor launched a campaign to raise $200,000 to buy the video from the owner, which Cook named the "Rob Ford Crackstarter." By Tuesday afternoon, the campaign had raised more than $90,000.



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