Gay America's Afternoon in the White House

Even with its bulletproof glass, handsomely clad guards, vibrant colors, master paintings, and lavish food and drink, my visit to the White House Monday left me dissatisfied. The Obama Administration assembled a group of two hundred or more of America's well-heeled leaders for equality, but like little doggies most were wide-eyed at his feet.

Politicians work for us. If they do their job with good intention, they demand our respect. They deserve fervent applause when they are heroic. Today I expected to hear the explanations of a champion knocked off his path by a country in financial distress, but instead I heard platitudes, cracked promises, and disappointments. Still, the crowd cheered for more.

President Obama would be well served to offer an emotional response to the discrimination and bigotry suffered by gay Americans. At Monday's address, the President renewed thin promises while asking for patience. There was no message indicating that homophobia is the problem, not homosexuals. Without an outward push from our President, the evangelical undertow will continue to pull America's common sense into the darkness. Church and state must stop sharing the same bed. I support President Obama in a race towards that end -- surely then, equal rights will follow.

Today's address left me wanting. The pain experienced by homosexuals is deadly tragic. Annually, thousands of American children kill themselves due to the bigotry pervasive across America.

In today's speech President Obama said gay America would be happy by the time his administration is over. If he doesn't stop offering excuses and empty promises, they will be.

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