Gay Bomb Considered By Air Force

According to the BBC, the US Air Force Wright Laboratory in Dayton, Ohio proposed a gay bomb research project, which was (darn!) rejected by the Pentagon in 1994. If the project had been funded, (at a modest $7.5 million) we might now be in possession of such a weapon, which would cause enemy soldiers to become gay, and also "sexually irresistible" to each other.

Isn't it always the best ideas which fall by the wayside?

By contrast, the whole idea of gay marriage, which could have a similar effect on society is tediously slow. It will take decades for the virus of homosexuality to be spread by gays being married to each other. But the gay bomb would be dropped behind enemy lines and KARRUMBA everybody would be gay!

Of course there's the problem of civilian casualties. A well placed smart gay bomb could be targeted at a military base, but is there any way of containing it? Couldn't the effects spread uncontrollably, especially in a confusing urban warfare environment like Iraq? And what of the consequences to the next generation? Would the unborn be affected? Just how ruthless would we be in deploying this weapon?

These and other unintended consequences would have caused a need for further research and more funding beyond the originally envisioned six year life of the project. But certainly, by now those problems would have been solved.

It's a shame they're not working on this. At least that's what they're saying at the Pentagon. But wouldn't they deny it even if they are working on it?

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