Here's What Happened When Gay YouTube Personality Riyadh K Called The Westboro Baptist Church

What happens when you call the Westboro Baptist Church and ask how to get into heaven?

Gay YouTube vlogger Riyadh K set out to answer this question after none other then Shirley Phelps herself commented on one of his previous viral videos. The clip in question featured Riyadh K reading raunchy Grindr messages with his mother, and Phelps went out of her way to write "fag" 41 times while leaving hateful comments.

The first call to Westboro doesn't go too well with Phelps immediately lashing out and telling Riyadh K, “You are heading straight to hell, God hates fags. God hates you.”

But then the vlogger calls back and leaves a voicemail for Phelps asking questions such as, “If I burn all of my Lady Gaga CDs, will that get me into heaven?" and "If I promise to have any gay sexual relations on a Sunday, can I get into heaven?”

Check out the hilarious video above or head here to see more from Riyadh K.



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