A Beautiful Thing Happened After Gay Couple's Wedding Was Ruined By Homophobic Slurs

A Beautiful Thing Happened After Gay Couple's Wedding Was Ruined By Homophobic Slurs

The wedding ceremony of an Arizona gay couple was tainted with hate when their loving moment was interrupted by homophobic jeers.

Oscar De Las Salas and Gary Jackson decided to have their wedding beside the water at Centennial Park on Coronado Island, near San Diego, California, on the evening of Aug. 17, reports ABC local affiliate KGTV. What should have been a dream ceremony turned into a nightmare when an individual began yelling anti-gay slurs like "homos" and "go home, fags" from a nearby luxury condominium complex.

"We were so stunned. We didn't know what to do," a wedding guest told Arizona's KTVK. "I was quite shocked to be in San Diego and to have that kind of hate-filled speech come out of someone."

The interruption was so distracting that De Las Salas and Jackson turned toward the building in an attempt to see the individual.

"It's just sad that that is now ingrained for the rest of our lives in our wedding day," Jackson told KGTV. "That person took a chunk of what should have been a beautiful day and turned it into something nasty and full of hate."

De Las Salas penned an article for Gay San Diego about the incident, calling for change and tolerance. The story was picked up by multiple local media outlets.

The story went viral, and the couple received an outpouring of support from the community.

De Las Salas wrote on Facebook that he and his husband received more than 2,000 emails and inbox messages, including one very special message from Coronado resident Alisa Kerr. Kerr offered to throw the two another wedding party.

"My local friends and I would like to invite you and Gary out for a party to celebrate your union and make up for the treatment you received while you were here," she wrote, according to De Las Salas' Facebook post. "I hope you’ll give us the opportunity to show you how accepting, kind, and amazing Coronado and its residents are! It will be a lot of fun! Local businesses have already gladly agreed to help make the event super special for you guys."

De Las Salas and his husband plan to head back to the island and celebrate.

"As I said, good always prevail, and LOVE IS LOVE," he wrote on Facebook. "So, Vamonos!"

Coronado police contacted the couple Tuesday and asked them to file a police report, according to KTVK. Law enforcement is currently investigating.

Watch the full story below.

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