Gay Couples React To Invasive Questions About Gender Roles (VIDEO)

We've heard it all before, and these vloggers are here to explain why there are just some things you should never ask a gay couple.

From YouTuber Ashley Mardell comes "Gay Couples React to Rude, Invasive Questions," a look at someone of the most annoying questions that gay couples receive on a regular basis. The majority of the video's conversation revolves around gender norms and people mistakenly trying to understand queer love through a male/female binary. All too often non-queer people assume that every relationship has to have someone playing the role of "man" and "woman" -- even if the identities of the people in that relationship don't fit these categories.

"Even in a straight relationship it's not like every guy takes on those dominant roles," one vlogger in the video explains. "There's a lot of straight relationships that I know of where the girl is the most dominant person in the relationship."

Check out the video above for a more nuanced understanding of why questions about gender roles are considered rude and invasive.



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