Gay Couples React To Invasive Questions About Gender Roles (VIDEO)

WATCH: Here's Why You Should Never Ask A Gay Couple 'Who's The Woman?'

We've heard it all before, and these vloggers are here to explain why there are just some things you should never ask a gay couple.

From YouTuber Ashley Mardell comes "Gay Couples React to Rude, Invasive Questions," a look at someone of the most annoying questions that gay couples receive on a regular basis. The majority of the video's conversation revolves around gender norms and people mistakenly trying to understand queer love through a male/female binary. All too often non-queer people assume that every relationship has to have someone playing the role of "man" and "woman" -- even if the identities of the people in that relationship don't fit these categories.

"Even in a straight relationship it's not like every guy takes on those dominant roles," one vlogger in the video explains. "There's a lot of straight relationships that I know of where the girl is the most dominant person in the relationship."

Check out the video above for a more nuanced understanding of why questions about gender roles are considered rude and invasive.

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