Do Gay Couples Get A Free Pass When It Comes To Monogamy?

"Everybody wants that socially privileged script," one expert said.

With marriage equality now a reality in all 50 states, same-sex couples are now able to enjoy a committed relationship with all of the legal benefits. Still, in a candid HuffPost Live conversation this week, experts were divided on whether or not more same-sex couples, specifically gay men, would be striving for monogamy in the traditional sense now that marriage is a viable option.  

"Everybody wants that socially privileged script," Eric Anderson, who is the author of The Monogamy Gap: Men, Love, and the Reality of Cheating (Sexuality, Identity, and Society, said. "There's the desire to keep the social graces by saying that you subscribe to the dominant notions of what monogamy means while tweaking it a little bit."
Still, University of Kentucky professor Kristen Mark felt that the Supreme Court's June 26 ruling on same-sex marriage would have a definite impact. 
"In terms of the literature in looking at monogamy, we see that there are higher rates of people negotiating non-monogamy within gay male relationships than there are in heterosexual relationships. But I think we're going to see that changing," she said.  
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