Gay Cultural Moments Of 2012: Adam Lambert, 'The New Normal,' 'Glee' And More

With 2012 being an incredibly historic year for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, it's only fitting that the cultural scene be reflective of that ever-inclusive shift.

And indeed, the year in music, movies, TV and theater is similarly flush with milestones. "American Idol" alum Adam Lambert not only hosted VH1's popular "Divas Live" show this fall, but he also became the first openly gay pop artist to top the album charts back in May. "Days of our Lives" featured a steamy gay storyline while "Glee" welcomed a transgender character to its increasingly diverse cast, and although Jenna Talackova didn't take home the title of Miss Universe Canada, the transgender beauty queen leaves behind a groundbreaking legacy that is sure to live on in years to come.

Check out our picks for the LGBT cultural moments of the year below:

LGBT Cultural Moments Of 2012
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