Gay Drama Teacher Has An Epic Response To Homophobic Parent

We literally can't stop laughing.

An openly gay drama teacher in the United Kingdom had the best response this week to a homophobic parent who sought to withdraw her children from his tutelage.

According to Buzzfeed, 26-year-old Michael Neri runs a drama school for children in the U.K. called Talking Props Theatre School. He received a text last week from a mother who wanted to pull her children from the program and receive her deposit back because -- "as a Christian" -- she did not approve of the teacher's queer identity.

Not only did Neri have the perfect response to this blatent bigotry, but he informed the concerned parents that the deposit was, unfortunately, nonrefundable. Instead, he donated her money to Stonewall -- an LGBT charity. 

Some of our highlights? "Theatre without gays is like cooking without spices" and -- of course -- the reminder that maybe if she is going to weaponize Biblical rhetoric in order to discriminate against her children's drama teacher, maybe she would want to consider every passage of the Bible and how it should be impacting her life choices.

Also, "My sexuality doesn't affect my ability to teach, just as it wouldn't affect a doctor's ability to treat one of your children should they become unwell" and "Please feel free to come see our musical 'Happy Days,' confetti will be used in the finale but please rest assure[d] that this is not an attempt to corrupt your Christian lifestyle. We just love glitter."

Bravo, Michael!

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