Ben Hobson, Married Father, Comes Out As Gay In Heartwarming Video

WATCH: A Father's Incredible Journey To Coming Out As Gay

And here you thought you were going to make it through the day without crying!

In this inspiring video, 25-year-old Ben Hobson shares the story about his journey to living as his authentic realized self as a gay man -- and a married father.

Hobson tells the viewer that his mother died nearly six years ago, and shortly thereafter he married his wife and the pair had two children. However, despite having what he considered to be the "perfect family," the father of two developed a heavy drinking problem.

After getting sober, he realized the root of his unhappiness: he is, in fact, a gay man.

Check out the video above to hear Hobson's heartwarming story firsthand.

(h/t Queerty)

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