Gays With Kids Aims To Diversify Parenting Discussion By Emphasizing Same-Sex Couples

Two gay dads are hoping to diversify parenting media with an all-new web project, just in time for Father's Day.

According to press materials, Gays With Kids "hopes to inspire a whole new generation of gay men who are interested in raising children" and will offer in-depth reporting on various family-related topics, many of them focused on challenges specific to same-sex couples who are parents.

The site's regular features will include a "Family Spotlight" series, which will explore the "wonderful breadth" of families led by gay dads; the "Gay Family Showcase Carousel" highlighting gay dads from around the world; as well as what's described as the "largest community of gay dad bloggers anywhere."

Gays With Kids also aims to "make sure no gay dad anywhere ever feels isolated," according to Brian Rosenberg, who co-founded the site with his husband, Ferd van Gameren.

“When we adopted our first child five years ago, one of the first things we did to help us prepare was search the Internet to try and connect with other gay dads so we could learn from their experiences,” Rosenberg explained. “As dads, we share all the universal truths and challenges of parenting that are experienced by dads and parents everywhere, regardless of gender or orientation. But, as gay dads, we face many other truths and challenges that are uniquely our own, and it's incredibly empowering to be able to do so as part of a robust and vibrant community."

Gays With Dads officially launches June 4. Check out the new site here.



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