Gay Marriage Flashmob: Harry Proposes To Boyfriend Lance Boyd At NYC's Frying Pan Restaurant

Flashmob marriage proposals are certainly all the rage these days, though we haven't seen one quite like this before.

Held at the Frying Pan on Manhattan's West Side, the large-scale flashmob consisted of over ninety dancers from Pace and Marymount colleges. Lance Boyd thought that he and his boyfriend Harry were merely going to a friend's birthday brunch. Little did he know that Harry had been planning a huge flashmob wedding proposal for months.

"It was the most amazing thing that anyone has ever done for me. It made me feel like the most loved and adored person in the world," Boyd told The Huffington Post. "But more than that, in the weeks that followed, what I came to realize was that for the first time in the entirety of our relationship I felt I could finally exhale. I know that sounds cliche, but like so many gay men I have always struggled against the feelings of not being worthy of a loving relationship. With his very public declaration of love Harry changed all that. I finally know what it means to be loved!"

Check out the flashmob proposal in the video above, choreographed to Nena's "99 Red Balloons" -- just make sure you have some tissues handy!



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