Gay Guys React To Racist Grindr Profiles

"He hates himself. He genuinely hates himself."

Racism is, apparently, alive and well in the queer community.

One only has to look at apps for men who have sex with men -- such as Grindr or Scruff -- to see the evidence splashed across various users' profiles. It has become so ingrained in the dynamics of gay hook-up apps that "no fats, no fems, no asians" has become a colloquialism among gay men as an ironic commentary on this really sad and unfortunate reality.

In order to explore this further, popular YouTube vlogger Davey Wavey brought together a diverse group of queer men to react to various racist Grindr profiles.

"As a minority, if you see things like that all of the time it can kind of be taxing and fuck up your self esteem and how you feel about yourself," one participant notes in the video. "I do think it would be better if people wouldn't write things like that but I also wish people cared about themselves enough to know that anybody who writes something like that is an idiot and not worth their time."

Check out the video above to hear more or head here to see more from Davey Wavey.

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