Philadelphia Gay Couple Allegedly Attacked By 'Well-Dressed' Straight Mob In Hate Crime

Gay Couple Allegedly Attacked By 'Well-Dressed' Mob In Hate Crime

A Philadelphia gay couple are still reeling after allegedly being attacked and beaten in what's been described as a possible hate crime last week.

The men, who have reportedly asked to remain anonymous, told CBS Philadelphia that they were reportedly attacked by a "well-dressed" and intoxicated mob that began taunting the men while they were on their way to dinner.

According to Queerty, two men and six women allegedly assaulted the men, ages 27 and 28, after asking the pair first if they were "fucking boyfriends" and then if they were "dirty fags."

One victim suffered a bone fracture in his face that will require surgery, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Though police remained skeptical at first as to the true motivations of the crime, the case is now being handled as a hate crime.

"It was a bunch of screams at first," witness Geoff Nagle told reporters. "...a lot of punching and kicking." One of the victims stated that he thought his partner was dead after the attackers "threw his head onto the ground.”

The suspects are still at large -- watch the above news report for more information.

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