Gay Is the New Black: The Best Gay Web Series You've Never Heard Of

Orange might be the new black on Netflix, but being gay is the new black in America. From the popularity of Looking on HBO to expanding marriage rights in states all across the country, it's a great time to be gay. However, even though there's so much gay representation on TV, many of these characters are one dimensional. The criticism of Looking's lack of diversity, Modern Family's camp, or the gay-as-the-victim character, finding nuanced gay characters can be rough. But guess what? They were right under your nose the whole time. Where are they?! On the interwebs!

Below is a list of gay artists creating content on the Internet that is honest, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, and always original. Who knows? If we support these awesome internet artists, we might actually see some of this great work on TV. #FingersCrossed

Grumpy Films

These guys are great (even I've worked with them). Chicago artists now working in New York, Daniel Sears, Jason Jude Hill and Grady Dennis have been producing ridiculously funny sketches for years! I also like this one, oh, and this one. OK, this one too.

Not Looking
From Funny or Die, featuring Drew Droege (aka Chloe), comes this hilarious spoof on Looking. Picking at the flaws of Looking, Not Looking shows a real, and always funny, slice of real gay life.

The Better Half

Lesbians are sorely underrepresented on TV these days, but The Better Half shows what it's like to make a new lesbian relationship work.

Eliot Glazer

From It Gets Betterish, Haunting Renditions and Eliot's Sketch Pad, Mr. Glazer is a sketch video master. Do yourself a favor and follow him, you'll thank me when he's super famous.

My Brother's Keeper

Ever since Noah's Arc ended, there's been a serious lack of gay people of color on TV. Now in Season 3, My Brother's Keeper continues to explore important social issues, something that regular TV is way too afraid to go near.


So the first episode starts during the Mayan Apocalypse. Need I say more?

Michael Cyril Creighton

Writer/comedian Michael Cyril Creighton created Jack in a Box, an award winning web-series that proves you really should be more nice to the guy selling you tickets.

The Outs

Created by Adam Goldman, The Outs follows the lives of young Brooklynites. Jumping off that success, Goldman has returned with a great new series, Whatever This Is. Clearly this guy has a lot to offer!

Jefferey & Cole Casserole

I mean, I can't even tell you how great these two are! Created by Jefferey Self and Cole Escola, Jefferey & Cole Casserole has grown to be much more than just a web-series. The duo recently went to Australia for their live show.

H. Alan Scott is a writer and comedian based in New York City and Los Angeles.