This Man Celebrated His 29th Birthday By Doing 29 Death Drops

C'mon death drop!

A New York City gay man is celebrating turning 29 years old by death dropping in 29 different locations all over the metropolis.

Juan Torres-Falcon, an actor appearing in Broadway's hit "Kinky Boots," shared the hilarious video on his Facebook this week featuring him death dropping -- a move that involves dramatically falling backwards -- everywhere from the heart of Times Square to outside of Trump International Hotel & Tower.

“To properly do a death drop you have to be unafraid of falling (knowing full and well you will get back up) and trust that YOU GOT YOU, otherwise you will break your whole LIFE,” Torres-Falcon told NewNowNext. “Now I’m just worried about what I’m going to do when I turn 50."

Unfamiliar with death drops? They're pretty major in the world of queer performance -- and you can actually injure yourself pretty if you don't know what you're doing (so don't just start death dropping all over snowy NYC). 

Instead, let us take you back to of our favorite videos of all time: "Sailor Moon" and "Wonder Woman" competing in a voguing battle and death dropping all over the damn place.