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Bloomberg Threatens To Stop Funding Republicans Who Don't Back Gay Marriage

Mayor Bloomberg promised to campaign for a gay marriage bill in March, and now he's backing up his words with a warning to politicians who don't support the legislation.

Bloomberg pledged to back senators who "stand up for marriage equality" and warned that those who don't could be left without his often-generous financial support. "I certainly will concentrate and focus more on those that do," said Bloomberg, who has donated big bucks to Senate Republicans in recent years.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is also a key supporter of marriage equality, which recent polls show is increasingly popular amongst New Yorkers.

Even wealthy Republicans have gotten behind the effort to pass a bill.

In December of 2009, a same-sex marriage bill was defeated by a 24-38 vote in the state Senate. All Republicans and eight Democrats voted against the measure.

Check out New Yorker Barbara Bush on the subject.

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