Gay Marriage In The U.S.: Atlantic Magazine Map Shows Marriage Equality's Progress

LOOK: Watch Gay Marriage's Progress Across The Nation

The national fight for marriage equality is once again dominating the headlines, after the Minnesota House passed a same-sex marriage bill with a critical 75-59 vote on May 9.

Hence, The Atlantic is offering its readers a unique way to track the progress of same-sex marriage, year-by-year, in the United States with a colorful new interactive map.

Check out an image of the map below, then scroll down to keep reading:
gay marriage map gif

As Atlantic writers Elspeth Reeve and Philip Bump point out, dark gray above shows when states banned gay marriage statutorily, while black shows when states extra-banned it by constitutional amendment. Meanwhile, light red shows when a state adopted domestic partnerships or civil unions.

Finally, red shows states with gay marriage legislation in place.

Read more about the map here.

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Gay Marriage In The United States

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