Gay Guys Get Personal And Ask Straight Men All Of Their Burning Questions

"How often do you think about your penis?"

What if you could ask a straight person any question you wanted to about relationships, sex and sexuality?

Buzzfeed gave a group of queer men this opportunity in their latest video titled "Questions Gay Men Have For Straight Men." The video has its light moments, like inquiries about what exactly a vagina feels like and what's the appeal of breasts? 

However, some of the questions dig a little deeper, like the implications and consequences of societal gender norms inscribed on straight men.

"I think I like less the standards of physicality and beauty that you're led up to believe as a kid," one participant shares. "That as a little boy you should grow up as a muscular man and you're measured more by [your muscles] then anything else."

Check out the video to hear more. Missed the prequel to this video in which straight men asked gay dudes personal elquestions? Head here.

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