Gay Men Who Battle Eating Disorders: The Community's Hidden Epidemic

Eating disorders impact a "disproportionate" number of gay men, according to a new Salon article. This week, HuffPost Live spoke at length with a number of gay men who say they've struggled with eating disorders.

"The struggle started when I was 19, but I think a lot of the body image issues, the struggle with my sexuality [and] the intersection of faith really started long before that," Troy Roness, who has battled anorexia, said. "But I think the transition to college and a lot of different emotional and environmental factors really kinda came together and really set my eating disorder in motion."

Roness, who is also a blogger for The Huffington Post, then went on to note, "I think that eating disorders really are the combination of a variety of issues."

According to the original article, "A hidden epidemic: Eating disorders in the gay community," an estimated 42 percent of men who struggle with eating disorders also identify as gay or bisexual.



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