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Gay Men Try To Explain Tampons, Have 'Literally No Idea' What's Happening

There's nothing like watching a few good-natured gay men discuss some unfamiliar territory -- in this case, feminine hygiene products.

BuzzFeed asked a few of its gay male employees to explain tampons, sanitary napkins and diva cups, items that are "a little out of their wheelhouse." To help the men demonstrate, BuzzFeed also provided a plastic model of a woman's vagina.

"Literally, no idea," says one man, holding up a tampon.

Another holds up the plastic model and a sanitary napkin, saying, "I'm assuming the Georgie O'Keeffe painting right there is where you target it."

These guys are good sports, but just because you don't have a vagina and maybe don't interact with vaginas doesn't mean you shouldn't know how they work. Someone get these guys a copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves!

Gay Men Draw Vaginas

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