Gay Military Proposal: Lesbian Couple Gets Engaged After Afghanistan Homecoming (PHOTOS)

She was waiting patiently at the airport for her girlfriend to return home from Afghanistan, but little did she know, the homecoming would be even more memorable than she could have imagined. When her girlfriend walked through the gates after a 14-hour flight from Dubai, she had a ring in her pocket.

The story of this couple, whose identities are as of yet unknown, began going viral when one posted their engagement photos on Reddit.

Users began to comment on the photos and offer up congratulations.

"As an active member of the Canadian Forces, having been deployed myself, I commend you two and wish you the very best," wrote one Reddit user. "Great set of photos, incredible set of memories and one hell of a homecoming. Glad she's home safe!"

Wrote another: "Cutest thing ever!! You two are adorable, glad she's safe."

With the flood of comments increasing, the newly-engaged woman decided to tell her story, offering Reddit readers a breakdown of the engagement:

Me: "I'm shaking, and you're shaking!"
Her: "I know!"
-couple spins, hugs, kisses...I can literally feel her heartbeat...-
Me: "It is so good to see you, to touch you!"
Her: "So, I have a question for you.."
Me: "Of course babe, wha-..."
Her: drops to one knee "Will you marry me?"
Me: "YES!"

Many Reddit users wanted to know more about the photographer.

The engagement photos came courtesy of Natasha Martin, a D.C.-based photographer who photographs children, weddings, pets and other special events in the greater D.C. area. Friends were in on the proposal plans, but the bride-to-be had no idea. "I was caught completely off guard but they wanted to be there to document," she wrote on Reddit.

She has been thrilled with the response her story has received. She and her fiance had not seen each other in six months. After two tours in Afghanistan, her fiance had gone back overseas as a civilian contractor.

"I never expected any story related to me to make such news in such a wonderful community," she wrote. "I sincerely want to thank everyone who supports my fiance and I, and say that I hope everyone who doesn't feels that they were able to properly express their opinion. If your opinion differs from mine, that is okay. I posted this for the hell of it, so you can all imagine my surprise when the DC Bus Boys and Poets wait staff approached me because 'someone saw us on the front page of Reddit' and wanted to buy us a drink! The waiter also took a photo with me and one purchased champagne for my girl and I. Reddit, this has truly been the best day of my life."

Check out the photos from the engagement below.