Here Are The Rules For Navigating Gay Dating Apps Successfully

Davey Wavey and Steve Grand break it down.

Depending on who you ask, online dating apps have made finding the perfect romantic match easier or more difficult than ever.

That's why YouTube personality Davey Wavey teamed up with singer-songwriter Steve Grand to break down the "rules" of navigating Grindr and Surge, among other social apps.

Some tips: don't include a picture of a tree, or any other object that's not yourself. Don't include a picture that contradicts the message of your profile. Most importantly, the profile picture should be recent.

Davey Wavey praised Surge, which sponsored the video, calling it "gay Tinder but with Snapchat features."

Davey's motto? "Let's change the world one blowjob at a time."

Before You Go

You MUST have a photo of you holding up the leaning Tower of Pisa, or grabbing the moon/sun in your hands.

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