Gay Parents Are Like '5-Year-Olds Who Think They Can Drive Cars,' Apostle Paul David Rodgers Claims

Gay Parents Are Like '5-Year-Olds Who Think They Can Drive,' Pundit Claims

A Chicago-based Christian leader has sparked national controversy with some eyebrow-raising remarks about gay and lesbian parents.

While participating in a protest against Illinois' pending same-sex marriage legislation, Apostle Paul David Rodgers told FOX 32: "Our nation is not built on the strength of its army or its finances, but what goes on in our living rooms. Family has always been and will always be the foundation and bedrock of society and so we’re going to stand for what God ordained."

Asked what he felt about same-sex couples who hope to become parents, Rodgers said, "Well, we have 5-year-olds who think they can drive cars but the reality is there is a certain way that things are structured and there are certain things that are in order."

He then added, "There is a male lion and there is a female lion; there is a rooster and there is a chicken. Biology tells us what was ordained."

At present, the battle for marriage equality in Illinois continues to rage. The proposed legislation, SB 10, was approved in a historic vote by the state Senate in a Valentine's Day vote this year but collapsed in the House in late May when its sponsor, state Rep. Greg Harris, announced that he would not be calling the measure for a vote because his colleagues had asked for more time to consider their vote on the matter.

Although multiple polls have shown a majority of Illinois residents (including Gov. Pat Quinn) support the marriage bill, the legislation's fate in the veto session remains uncertain.

H/T Jeremy Hooper, Good As You

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