Gay Parents' Use Of Surrogates Is A 'Travesty' And 'Child Abuse,' According To Richard Land

Gay Parents' Use Of Surrogates Is A 'Travesty' And 'Child Abuse,' Pundit Claims

The former president of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission is making headlines after delivering a speechblasting same-sex parents and marriage equality.

As Right Wing Watch reports, Richard Land told a crowd at Georgia's Truett-McConnell College that allowing same-sex couples to use surrogates in order to have children was both a "travesty" and "child abuse."

"There's a thriving business now ... in gay surrogacy," Land noted. "Homosexual couples who want to have a baby -- they don't just want a marriage license, they want to have a baby -- so they're renting wombs and they're buying eggs."

After slamming the "blasphemous re-definition of marriage," he noted, "There are many businesses that are thriving providing this kind of commodification of human flesh so that they can follow the trend and have two men try to raise a baby. What a travesty. What a collective sense of child abuse it is.”

Unfortunately, Land is not the only conservative voice to condemn same-sex parenting in recent weeks. Last fall, Chicago's Apostle Paul David Rodgers compared hopeful same-sex parents to "5-year-olds who think they can drive cars," noting, "There is a male lion and there is a female lion; there is a rooster and there is a chicken. Biology tells us what was ordained."

Meanwhile, the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer cited a controversial study on same-sex parenting by Texas sociologist Mark Regnerus (which is widely considered flawed) as evidence why gay and lesbian couples shouldn't become parents.

"In the wake of what we've just seen at Penn State...that alone ought to be enough to say, 'Look, we are not going to put children in same-sex households," Fischer said at the time.

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