Gay Penguins Reunion: Buddy And Pedro Will Be Back Together By Spring

Separated Gay Penguins To Be Reunited

Buddy and Pedro's time apart from each other will be brief.

Pink News reports that the so-called "gay" penguins will be reunited by the spring, according to a Toronto Zoo official.

"There will be a limited time of separation but it will not be permanent," Tom Mason, the zoo’s Curator of Invertebrates and Birds told Pink News. "No matter what happens all the penguins will be re-united by spring."

The Canadian Press previously reported that the two African Penguins, are due to be separated so they can find female penguins to mate with. African penguins are endangered, with fewer than 26,000 breeding pairs of the penguins remaining, as of last year.

Even though their intentions may be for the good of the species, some outlets, like The Star, have called on the zoo to let Buddy and Pedro be.

... at its core the story of Buddy and Pedro is about happiness, whatever form it comes in, The Star writes. "That has rightly captured the hearts of people around the world. The zoo should go with the flow.

But Mason told The Canadian Press that the penguins' relationship is more like a "social bond" than a romantic one.

"People have a very strong tendency to anthropomorphize things," Mason said. "They try to think of penguins as humans -- and they're not."

Ironically, it seems the quicker Buddy and Pedro mate with females, the sooner they'll be able to get back together. "If Buddy and Pedro show no interest in mating with a female, they will need to be separated for a while," Pink News reports.

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