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Gay Rights Will Lead To Human Extinction, According To FRC President Tony Perkins


Family Research Council President Tony Perkins has certainly made his share of eyebrow-raising remarks about the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in the past, but his latest rant might just be his worst yet.

As Right Wing Watch first reported, Perkins suggested that LGBT rights (specifically, same-sex marriage) would inevitably lead to human extinction to his Washington Watch listeners earlier this week.

"The human race would be extinct within time if [being LGBT] were normal," he said. "Biology says the only we exist as human beings is that a man and a woman come together and we procreate. That’s the reason that government has long recognized marriage ... it is the place in which children are born."

Listen to Right Wing Watch's audio of Perkins' latest declaration, then scroll down to keep reading:

Of course, Perkins' remarks seem less surprising, given the FRC president's track record for anti-LGBT declarations. In 2012, he equated members of the LGBT community with both adulterers and alcoholics while condemning Pride month.

In addition, he suggested that LGBT teens often resorted to extreme measures such as suicide attempts because they battle with the internal understanding that homosexuality is, in fact, "abnormal." On a similar note, he also linked the repeal of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy to a reported surge in U.S. military suicides last year.

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