Gay Son Disowns Family On Religious Grounds

Citing his belief that his parents will spend eternity in hell for not accepting him for who he is, Charlie McDonough has sought emancipation from his mother and father.

"Growing up in a home with hell-bound parents is no place for a teenager," said the out and proud teen's lawyer, Lisa Miller, adding that what Charlie needs most is a God-fearing family that refuses to hijack God's word by selectively interpreting various passages that are stripped of all historical context in a perverted attempt to justify personal prejudices.

"Charlie has made it clear to me that he never wants to see his parents again but in a beautiful act of selflessness, he promised to pray for their 'doomed souls' every day."

When reached for comment outside a local pharmacy after purchasing their respective birth control, Charlie's parents, Bud and Sally McDonough expressed little emotion regarding their son's decision to disown them, only saying that they heard "it gets better."

Meanwhile Charlie is determining which branch of the military he'd eventually like to enlist in, so he can one day serve overseas to defend the freedom of all Americans.