Gay Soul Talk Interviews Todd Haley II, President and Chairman of The Pink Panthers Movement

The rise in violent crimes against same-sex-oriented souls or those perceived to be same-sex-oriented, like Ryan Langenegger, a straight Nebraska man who defended two of his gay friends, is on the rise. Why this increase? What rational reason justifies an increase in people being beaten or killed just for being same-sex-oriented or being an ally of someone who is lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer or asexual (LGBTQA)? Frankly, no reason justifies violence of any kind. To reduce acts of violence against anyone who is (or is perceived as) LGBTQA, meet The Pink Panthers Movement.

Gay Soul Talk, the weekly, live-talk radio show that I host and produce, wants to know whether you know about The Pink Panthers Movement. This Halloween night, I interview Todd Haley II, the president and chairman of The Pink Panthers Movement. In a short 30-minute show, you'll hear how, at the age of 14, Todd started his journey to be an out community organizer and leader. Todd also speaks to how he faced some cold, hard facts about what it means to be an adult man in a community popularly stereotyped based on centuries-old myths. As we get to know Todd, his vision and his passion to grow The Pink Panthers Movement, we'll learn how to peacefully resolve violent acts inspired by homophobia.

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