This Couple's Spin Class Proposal Takes Flash Mobs To The Next Level

True love was in the spokes for #TeamJadam

Two Connecticut indoor cycling instructors have become viral stars after video footage of their incredible, in-studio proposal hit the Internet this week. 

Jared Marinelli said he had no idea what was in store when he began teaching a Valentine's Day class at JoyRide Cycling Studio in Ridgefield, Connecticut. But boyfriend Adam Keller, who is also a spinning instructor, had secretly choreographed a flash mob with his fellow gymgoers in order to pop the question. (Check out video of the incredible proposal above.)

A blog post on the official JoyRide website offers a few details on the adorable couple's relationship. The men met last March when Marinelli was tasked with training Keller, who had just joined the studio as an instructor. The pair had their first official date a week later. 

“He helps me be more organized and motivated in every way," Keller said in the blog post. "I am now actively trying to plan for our future, now that we’re a family and are going to grow together.”

Although it's not mentioned in the video, Keller and Marinelli are also very proud of being a serodiscordant, or mixed HIV-status, couple. “I think we’re just two guys in love who won’t let something like status stand in the way,” Keller, who has been a vocal supporter of his HIV-positive fiancé, told HIV Equal

Congrats, guys! #TeamJadam for life! 




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