Gay Student Teacher Reinstated After Controversial Dismissal

More than a month after a school district in Oregon dismissed a gay student teacher for allegedly answering a student's question about his own marital status, Seth Stambaugh is heading back to teach, MSNBC reports.

The Portland Mercury reported in September that Stambaugh, a graduate student at Lewis & Clark College, was removed from his position at Sexton Mountain Elementary School following a complaint from one of his student's parents.

According to MSNBC

At the time of the incident, Stambaugh was paired with a teacher in a fourth-grade class at Sexton Mountain. He was leading a writing lesson when a fourth-grader asked him if he was married. Stambaugh said no. The student then asked why. Stambaugh replied that it would be illegal for him to get married because he would be choosing to marry another man. The student then asked if Stambaugh hanged out with guys and he said yes.

Stambaugh was told his comments were "inappropriate" after the school district told Lewis & Clark that he would not be allowed back to teach.

Earlier this week, 22 parents of students at the school wrote a letter in support of Stambaugh, calling on the district to reinstate the student teacher, whom they said had "positive rapport" with his students.

The district and Stambaugh's college agreed on his reinstatement Thursday.

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