Gay Travel: 5 Great Destinations Still In The Closet (PHOTOS)

Because the march of progress is as unstoppable as the best pride parades, attitudes toward homosexuality are changing around the globe and new destinations are opening up for gay travelers. Though the traditional gay hubs, San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney and the like still have their charms -- massive communities, great clubs, a very nice opera house, respectively -- there are places further afield that are ready to offer something a little bit different.

These destinations are by no means traditional for gay travelers, but there is reason to believe that they will be in the next few years. Cultures long defined by intolerance -- whether religious or Communist -- are thawing out and the attitudes of locals are in flux. That said, none of these places is particularly invested in actively courting the gay community. The attitude is more along the lines of "come as you are."

And you should go exactly as you are because these places offer the opportunity to explore mountains, ancient fortresses, amazing citadels, volcanoes and beaches that'll blow your hair back.

Be a trailblazer.

5 Closeted Destinations