New Gay Dramedy Tackles The Emotional Aftermath Of Breaking Up

Because we've all been there.

Going through a break-up is never easy -- and now a group of gay YouTubers is putting that experience into moving images.

The video, created by Krishna Kumar, blends heavy emotion with comedic overtones in the hopes of offering an accurate portrayal of what the end of a relationship can feel like for many gay men. 

"Understandably, many people feel profoundly alone after the end of a romantic relationship and some give up on love as a form of extreme escapism to protect themselves from future heartbreak," video Kumar told The Huffington Post. "What's interesting is that when people deny themselves this integral part of life, it hurts not just themselves but also those around them. 'How to Get Over a Breakup' was made to support people through the struggles of a breakup whilst keeping their hearts open to new experiences. In today's society of having instant gratification, it's important to note that happiness takes varying amounts of time. It is not attained through someone else. Lasting happiness is intrinsic. It is exponential; it begets itself."



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