'What Are We Waiting For,' Gay Wedding Proposal, Features Pop Soundtrack And Slick Choreography (VIDEO)

WATCH: The Most Amazing Gay Wedding Proposal You'll Ever See

We've seen some pretty amazing wedding proposal videos before -- but none quite this spectacular!

The video's star, Danny Rose, describes the experience of proposing to his fiancé Aaron to our friends at Towleroad:

"I started writing the song in December and took me a month to complete. Then I prepped the music video for a few weeks and shot it all in one day...

After the video I got down on one knee and asked him to make me the happiest person in the world and spend his life with me! He said of course and it was a great moment. But wanted to watch the video again 30 more times. There are a lot of inside jokes and even some wardrobe choices in there designed to experiences in our history."

Titled "What Are We Waiting For," the video features a dance-pop soundtrack and "Glee"-style choreography, along with a number of slick costume changes to boot. Even better, Rose has put the song up for sale on iTunes and is donating 100 percent of the proceeds to marriage equality charities.

"I think it's important for folks to see the faces of gay marriage," Rose adds. "I am not in the music business. I just wanted to do a project for my proposal that was a mixture of music and comedy which is very much the way we live our lives."

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