Woman Who Used Fake Penis To Pose As Man Convicted Of Sex Assault

"I had my eyes wide shut," victim says.

The penis was fake but the verdict was real.

A woman who posed as a man to maintain a steamy relationship with another woman was convicted of sexual assault in a British court Tuesday, the BBC reported.

A jury determined that Gayle Newland, 25, used a prosthetic penis during sex with the victim, who wore a blindfold at Newland's request under an elaborate ruse. The victim was made to believe Newland was a man and didn't discover Newland's true gender until she took off her blindfold in their final encounter in 2013, the BBC noted.

To maintain the deception during their two-year relationship, which began on Facebook, Newland reportedly told the victim that "he" was ashamed of his disfigurement from a car accident and brain cancer, so she would have to keep her eyes covered.

Judge Roger Dutton said Newland (shown below walking from the Chester, England, court during the trial) had "serious issues surrounding her personality" and told her "serious consequences" could await her at the November sentencing.

According to the Liverpool Echo, Newland claimed the victim knowingly engaged in role play. She responded to the verdict by yelling repeatedly, "How can you send me down for something I have not done?"

Even more bizarre was that Newland, in her true female identity, and the victim were friends.

In explaining how she was duped over a period of time, the victim told the court, “Unfortunately I had my eyes wide shut. I can only put it down to being desperate at the time."

She added, per the Journal: “If I had known it was a woman, with a strap-on, having penetrative sex with me, I would never have carried on. It’s not something that I judge anyone for but it is not something I am into.” 

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