'GAYTMs' In Australia Offer The Most Fabulous Cash Withdrawal Ever

'GAYTMs' Offer Most Fabulous Cash Withdrawal Ever

Money has a new place where it can come out and feel accepted.

Gay ATMs, or "GAYTMs," are strutting their cash-dispensing stuff at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in Australia.

The colorfully sequined ANZ Bank money machines, designed by local artists, are spitting out rainbow receipts with affirming messages such as "cash out and proud" and "hello gorgeous" for the festival, News.com.au reported.

And this is one time where paying those pesky ATM fees levied by another bank might not be so annoying. ANZ is donating that revenue to an organization that serves young people who are coming out or figuring out their sexual identity, Creativity Online noted.

The festival runs through March 2.

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