'Great British Bake Off' Contestants Reunite, Avoid BinGate 2.0 For Martha's Wedding

Many members of the show's Season 5 made a wedding cake for Martha Collison's nuptials.

We’re not crying ― we just have sugar in our eyes!

Bakers from the fifth season of “The Great British Bake Off,” which first aired in 2014, reunited to celebrate fellow contestant Martha Collison’s wedding over the weekend in the English countryside. 

Former contestants Richard Burr, Claire Goodwin, Chetna Makan, Kate Henry, Iain Watters, Enwezor Nzegwu, Diana Beard, Jordan Cox, and season winner Nancy Birtwhistle were all smiles, alongside Collison, in photos of the nuptials shared on social media by cast members. 

In true “GBBO” fashion, baking was front and center at the reception. Many of the contestants made wedding cakes for Collison, creating quite the delicious-looking spectacle.

Take a look at some of the cakes below:

Birtwhistle appeared to have made a Swedish layer cake called the prinsesstårta, or princess cake, while Goodwin made a three-tiered chocolate cake with chocolate pretzels, Galaxy chocolate bars, chocolate truffles and mini-gold eggs. Henry made a pistachio and raspberry cake. Burr baked a biscoff cake, according to Instagram.

It’s not clear whether Watters or Beard baked any cakes, which is just as well. We wouldn’t have wanted #BinGate 2.0, or any other variation of the melted ice cream meltdown that rocked the cooking show during the 2014 season’s fourth episode.   

Collison, 22, revealed she was engaged to now-husband Michael Haywood in January 2018 on Instagram.

“He decided 3 years together wasn’t quite enough, so he asked for a lifetime. And I said YES! [Michael Haywood], I can’t wait to be your wife!” Collison wrote.

We wish the two happiness and a lifetime of great bakes!