GBK's Pre-ESPY Awards Gift Lounge

GBK's Pre-ESPY Awards Gift Lounge
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ESPY award nominees, presenters and other athletes and entertainers came out last week to the Line Hotel for Copper Tires & GBK's 2016 Pre-ESPY Lounge and Poker Tournament benefiting the Animal Wellness Foundation and the LA Clipper Foundation.

Odell Beckham Jr., Marcell Dareus and Prince Amukamara at GBK.

Title sponsor Cooper Tires gave celebs certificates for any brand new set of tires, including the new Zeon RS3-G1, along with an auto emergency kit. Talent also received a three night Caribbean stay at Bay Gardens Beach Resort and Spa in St. Lucia.

SoundStitch clothing, by ProTrending, handed out sweatshirts with sewn-in machine washable headphones. Meanwhile, AccousticSheep gifted RunPhones and SleepPhones - a headband material, one with built-in headphones for running, and the other with built-in speakers and a Bluetooth receiver to stream music.

Jazmyn Simon and Dule Hill at GBK.

There was unisex clothing from Chicago-based Maebane Wear and lifestyle bags by JLEW. Zumer Sport gave out backpacks and duffel bags made with actual sport ball materials including basketball, tennis, football and soccer.

Pet-owners left with Nulo's grain free dog and cat food. For those with kids, there was the educational Epik Learning Tablet pre-loaded with interactive games, spelling curriculums and reading and phonics lessons with Looney Tunes characters.

Malik Jackson and Omar Bolden at GBK.

Dr. KenGee Ehrlich, aka, the Good Chiropractor, gifted a pain relief package that included X-Rays and one month of unlimited chiropractic care.

Segway debuted their new Mini-Pro hoverboard that looks like a regular Segway, but without the handlebars. Instead, a kneepad is used to steer.

Devon Still and his daughter Leah Still at GBK.

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