Gdansk attracting global investors

One of the most pleasant views a mayor can experience is a skyline with plenty of tower cranes. This is a visible sign of city's development, its attractiveness for residents and investors. Years ago the local government of Gdansk made a decision to support the development of high-quality office space market and today I am very proud to see it flourishing. Tower cranes in Gdansk have been very busy on construction sites of new business parks. According to JLL report, approximately 140 000 sq. meters of office space are currently under construction in our metropolis.

2016-03-11-1457683987-8588726-siijpinkas.JPG Gdansk is a perfect location for ICT companies. Here - Sii headquarters in Gdansk. Photo: J. Pinkas

Gdansk is among first choice cities for international business in Poland. Perfect location not far away from Scandinavia, Germany and Eastern markets, availability of qualified work-force, strong cooperation with local universities and friendly environment for investment have already been appreciated by many global companies. It is hard to mention here all the great companies that decided to run a part of their operations in Gdansk. Let me name just few: Intel, Bayer, PwC, State Street, ThyssenKrup, Jeppesen (Boeing), Amazon and Arla Foods.

The above-mentioned 140 000 sq. m of new office space is still the song of the future, but a lot has already been achieved. Just a few weeks ago we were pleasantly surprised with a prize for the "best new office development for SSC/BPO sectors" for Gdansk's Olivia Six building, awarded by CEE Shared Services And Outsourcing Award. Certified with BREEAM Excellent certificate, the centre is considered one of the greatest locations for business in Gdansk and Poland, along with other buildings constituting Olivia Business Center (OBC). It is a hot spot for business in the Tri-city, where - among others - Epam Systems, Sii, Energa, ThyssenKrupp and PwC have their headquarters. OBC has currently 75 000 sq. m of office space, with another 100 000 sq. m planned.

The location couldn't be better - along Grunwaldzka Ave., the main thoroughfare connecting Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia, running along the coast of the Baltic sea bay, within a walking distance to a commuter rail service and a university campus, 15 minutes away from the airport. Not to mention a great view from the OBC windows - just onto the bay.

2016-03-11-1457683353-4999353-oliviasixwjakubowski.jpg Inside the Olivia Six building. Photo: W. Jakubowski

Good things come in pairs! Another office park we are proud of - Alchemia, located just across the street from OBC. It has already added about 40 000 sq m. to the city's office space, with another 40 000 currently under construction. Boasting its perfect location with a direct access to a commuter rail platform and fitness facilities, Alchemia is a place which has attracted such companies like State Street, WIPRO IT, and Alexander Mann Solutions. It is also worth mentioning that Alchemia has won Eurobuild Awards 2015 in the category "office building of the year in Poland".

2016-03-11-1457683480-7747211-AlchemiaIIbyTorus_2015_02.jpg Alchemia II by Torus. Photo: Alchemia

Travelling south on Grunwaldzka Ave., we get to the Neptun Office Center, offering 16 000 sq. m on its 19 floors. The building, one of the top three tallest office buildings in the Tri-city, is hosting companies like Arla Foods, Comarch and Deloitte.

2016-03-11-1457683544-7707118-neptunjpinkas.JPG Neptun Office Center. Photo: J. Pinkas

Getting closer to Gdansk old town we approach a place where events crucial for European history took place. Just in the front of the Gdansk Shipyard and European Solidarity Center, the new investment has already been completed - Tryton Business House. It is a great change for the old town, since there was a significant shortage of modern office space in this part of the city. I like the fact the new building interacts well with its historical surroundings of the Solidarity Square. ICT companies Ciklum, Kainos and PGS Software as well as a new office of Ernst & Young have already been announced as tenants of the space in the building.

2016-03-11-1457683620-5363907-trytonjpinkas.JPG During the presentation of Tryton Business House. Photo: J. Pinkas

Half a year ago the Financial Times described my city as the next hot outsourcing town. The article emphasized the fact, that "Gdansk [...] now derives almost a third of its economic activity from service centres for global business".

Since the year 2008 the office space available in Gdansk has doubled, proving city attractiveness to global business. I am sure that in upcoming years the trend will continue, and both Gdansk and global investors will benefit from it.