Kansas Man, Gean Brown Jr., Receives Lost Wallet After 35 Years

When Gean Brown Jr. misplaced his wallet while installing pipes in the attic of a Kansas home around 1976-77, he thought it was gone forever.

But more than 35 years later, Brown's wallet has been returned to him, reports.

Shawn Wyckoff, the current resident of the house, found it while working on an antenna. He called all the numbers in the wallet but they were either disconnected or dead. A quick Internet search helped him find Brown's correct phone number.

"This guy 36 years later he goes up there and looks down -- there it is. Bang. Out in the open," Brown told the news source. "And he was decent enough to look me up and find it. He could have pitched it. I don't know this guy. (But he) gives it back."

In the wallet were Brown's original draft card, a picture of his sweetheart (who is now his wife), and photographs of his service in the Navy. Brown told that although he can't offer a monetary award to Wyckoff, he'd like to take him out to dinner.

"He's a decent human being," Brown said.