'Geek Love': Finding Love With The Mating Call Of The Wookiee (VIDEO)

If there's one thing people think of when they think of Chewbacca, it's love and romance. On "Geek Love" (Sun., 9PM ET on TLC), speaking the language of Wookiees brought two would-be lovers closer during a "sci-fi speed dating" session. Self-proclaimed "Geek Dr. of Love" Ryan Glitch came up with the idea, which he knew was a winner when he found his own girlfriend at one of his sessions. He usually holds them at major geek events like Comic-Con.

While many people might not think someone speaking to them like a Wookiee on a first date would be appealing, this pairing was made up of proud geeks, and so both were excited to share that affinity. "We have a lot in common," she said after their encounter. "We could both speak -- [Shyriiwook]."

If possible,he was even more excited to find a fellow "Star Wars" enthusiast. "Hopefully we can go farther than that and maybe even speak Huttese," he delighted. And Maybe after that ... English?

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